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This is such a great dentist office, I was refered by a friend made sure they knew and they told me they give gifts to people who refer others to them!

the office is very clean, new and very modern looking. Daisy Santiago the DH who cleans my teeth is very very through and explains everything she is doing as well as there you might be missing or how you could improve your brushing based on the current condition of your teeth. She also shows you your x-rays, and photos and tells you what she is going to point out to the Dr.
Dr. Karen IP is kind patient and also very through explains everythign and spends a great amount of time with each patient.
This is a great dental office in a great area of the city and easy to get to

Tracy R.

Came in with an issue as a new patient and was out the door within 45 mins with a prescription. Quick, friendly, and professional.

Eva R.

I never used to like going to the dentist, but once I found this dental practice, I've actually looked forward to my semi annual appointments. Pam and Yanni are both incredibly friendly. The hygienists do a tremendous job for and Dr. Ip takes her time with me and really knows her craft. She usually walks you through the problems or issues, the cause or the root of the problems (no pun intended) and how she will address it.

The office is so serene and inviting, definitely a calming environment for what I used to consider a stressful situation.

I won't go to any other dentist or dental office ever again now that I have found Dr. Ip and her practice.

Michael K.

Hands down, this is the nicest dentist's office I have been to in the city, and quite frankly, the nicest of any doctor's office I've been to as well. The staff has always been professional, courteous and on time, which I really appreciate. The quality of their work (I've had cleanings, cavities filled and whitening) has been nothing short of excellent. Going to the dentist isn't anyone's favorite thing to do, but they make it as pleasant an experience as possible. I have recommended this practice to friends and family, and will continue to do so.

Kate F.

The office is spotless, modern and sleek. The receptionists are smiling and helpful. Daisy, my hygienist, is extremely friendly and thorough with her cleaning. The technology employed is impressive to say the least. In-mouth pen cameras to show you your teeth live on TV. Instant comparative X-rays. I was shocked by how much more advanced dental technology was at Aesthetic than in my small-town Texan dentist's office that I had used for the past 15 years. (Don't get me wrong - I still love and miss my TX dentist, but if I had to move on, this is as good as I'm going to get.)

I've recommended Aesthetic and Dr. Gold to numerous friends, all of whom have been pleasantly satisfied by their work. Sure, they can be a little pushy with product sales and their guilt trips about my plaque build-up and flossing habits can get old, but overall, I'm extremely pleased by Aesthetic Dentistry.

Keith T.

I love Daisy Santiago. She is the hygienist you want to clean your teeth. In fact - the dentists are OK - I've used Dr. Gold and he's nice as is Dr. Yanik. They are both great - but Daisy is the bomb. She is thorough, careful, sweet and personable. And she gets all those stains out with no complaints.

roxanne o.

The service and attention to patients in this office is exceptional. I've been a patient for 5 years, they are always on time and Dr. Czarnik and the staff provide excellent care.

Ross M.

For me, the dentist is never going to be a good experience. I really can't think of many things worse than someone attacking my mouth with sharp objects. Sure, it's a necessary part of tooth maintenance, which I am all for, but damn, can't they knock me out or invent something innovative, feels like the fuckin middle ages when I'm lying in that chair getting stabbed and scratched. Even a basic cleaning ends up feeling like a traumatic episode.

Aesthetic Dentistry does better than anyone I've used in the past at making it a bearable event. The staff is warm and friendly and their small but cozy waiting room feels more like the small town dentist office then one stacked in the third floor of a tenement building. They have complimentary coffee and teas in the waiting room which is saturated with smooth relaxing music, soft couches, and fairly decent reading material.

The Dentists all have good personalities and seem to like to crack jokes, they are professional but without being too robotic about it. It really is a pleasure, well, as much as volunteer torture could be. I don't see myself going anywhere else as long as I live in NYC. Everyone boast their dentist to be the best. But trust me, my dentist could beat up your dentist.

john M.

Aesthetic Dentistry is AMAZING. I am a huge wimp and generally terrified of dentists but this place is phenomenal.

First, very pleasant atmosphere (and as noted in another review, they are now at 156 5th avenue). Second, they take the time to explain things - for example, that my overly-aggressive brushing habits were wearing away my enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity, and I should use a different toothpaste to fix this - totally worked. :) They take time to chat and answer questions which is nice, and unusual in NYC I think.

Finally, I had a cavity filled today by Dr. Czarnek. Apparently it was a fairly bad cavity but she was great and I felt zero pain and it was over in 28 minutes. Awesome.

I would recommend this place to anyone. (And for what it's worth, Jana the office manager was friendly, and helpful when I asked for a more detailed receipt for insurance purposes).

Felicity L.

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