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For decades, Innova has been providing dental implant technology to restore full functionality and boost self-confidence in patients with missing teeth. Innova offers several types of dental implant systems, including Endopore®, Entegra®, the Pitt-Easy®, and the Anatomic®. The Endopore Implant System was introduced in the early 80s and offers three types of prosthesis to benefit patients with differing oral health issues.

What Is Different About An Innova Endopore Implant?

The Innova Endopore implant is modeled after a common orthodontic joint replacement fixture and is biologically compliant. The Endopore implant incorporates a porous surface geometry that is comprised of many layers. This increases the surface area where the implant and bone connect, so implants can be shorter and promote reduced overall healing time .

Why Should I Choose Innova Endopore Implants?

Innova Endopore implants offer exceptionally high success rates and simpler procedures, whether your case requires one or two-step treatment plans. Innova Endopore implants are made with special attention to replicating the natural feel and function of teeth. With a variety of available types and attachment components, there are few medical reasons that prevent the placement of Innova implants.

Here are some of the other advantages of choosing Innova Endopore implants:

  • Simple placement procedures in many cases

  • Shorter recovery and healing periods between treatments

  • Less crestal bone remodeling

  • Less instrumentation

  • No sinus augmentation necessary

  • 96% success rate

The placement of Endopore implants is as simple as most implant procedures and can be performed under local anesthetic in either one or several stages, depending on your needs. Implants are placed into bone at the site of treatment and provided a window of healing time before restorations are added. In one-stage implant treatment, no additional surgical processes are required to attach your new teeth to the implant abutment.

The Innova Endopore implant system offers treatment options for both one-stage and two-stage implant treatments.

If you have any questions or concerns about Innova implants, please consult your dentist.

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